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[Infographic] Is Social Media Bad For Your Phone?

Most of us use social media, and almost half of us frequently do so on our mobiles as we Tweet, Like, and Update almost every minute of every day. This abundance in social engagement ...
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Mobile, Email and Browser Choice Linked To Men’s Leisure Preferences

Today’s choice of technology undoubtedly plays a part in our everyday decisions and one study has ventured how far technology use can be correlated with one’s recreation proclivities. ...

Why Are Contract Deals The Best Option For UK Mobile Phones?

Among all the different deals available on mobile phones in the UK market, contract deals seem to be the most popular sort due to their convenience and lucrative facilities. For this ...

3 Excellent Reasons Why The Improbable Phablet Sells Like Crazy

The name is ‘phablet’ is rather derogatory in nature. The word was used as a term of abuse by tech pundits who believed that smartphones with 5+ inches of screen size cannot succeed. ...
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How Mobile Devices Affect The Safety Of Their Users

  As technology improves, mobile devices are becoming more powerful, more common, and more diverse in functionality. Common smart phones have GPS capabilities and internet access. ...
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