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Microsoft Office 2016- Preview Opens to the Public

All that separates you from the Consumer Technical Preview of Microsoft Office 2016 is a non-disclosure agreement. After a launch in preview, but very limited, the office suite Office ...

What are the Numerous Advantages of Advanced Excel Training?

Microsoft Excel is a very important tool for employees all over the world. At a very traditional evaluation, almost 250 million individuals are utilizing Microsoft Excel. Among the ...

Microsoft Buys Acompli Email App for $200M

Giant Email App Now Owned By Microsoft In a surprise bid, Microsoft have bought out the email app company that supports both iOS and Android for $200m. What does Microsoft intend to ...
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Wii U Games: A Great Stocking Filler

The festive season is fast approaching and although parents might be feeling a bit stressed about the prospect, children will be getting increasingly excited. But as far as presents ...

Microsoft Word or Crystal Reports – Which is best for Your Database Generated Docs?

Many companies have taken to using Crystal Reports for their Database Generated Documentation – but is it the best tool for the job? What is Crystal Reports? For those of you who ...
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