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Apple vs. Google: The Battle of Online Purchases

In this era of digital world, people shop online more often than they do in actual stores for their multimedia needs. Way back then, the early forms of social selling were commonly ...

What Android Fragmentation Can Teach You About Making Great Apps

Android fragmentation: we’ve heard the words so many times we’ve learned to tune them out. Often times, legitimate complaints about Android fragmentation are written off and filed ...

Does Your Business Need A Specific Mobile Phone Application?

When a business begins the process of revitalising their online presence, the conversation with a website development firm will often turn to the site’s functionality on a mobile ...
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The World’s Most Popular Smartphone Apps and What to Learn from Them

What is it about some smartphone apps that make them so much more popular than others? According to GlobalWebIndex 2013 data, Google Maps was the most popular smartphone app in the ...
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Will Windows Phone Always Play Catch-Up With Other Smartphone Platforms?

Windows Phone, at least in its latest avatar is about to celebrate its 3rd year in the smartphone OS market. With the Windows Phone 7, 7.5 7.8 and 8 updates, the Windows Phone has seen ...
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