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The World’s Most Popular Smartphone Apps and What to Learn from Them

What is it about some smartphone apps that make them so much more popular than others? According to GlobalWebIndex 2013 data, Google Maps was the most popular smartphone app in the ...
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Will Windows Phone Always Play Catch-Up With Other Smartphone Platforms?

Windows Phone, at least in its latest avatar is about to celebrate its 3rd year in the smartphone OS market. With the Windows Phone 7, 7.5 7.8 and 8 updates, the Windows Phone has seen ...

Space Pack of Mophie Brings More Power, Memory Space To iPhone 5 & 5S

Mophie is basically famous for providing iPhone cases and battery-packing. At CES, it has come with a new product that gives not only power to phone but also adds about 32 GB of memory. ...

Use Wi-Fi Enabled Memory Cards to Transfer Images and Videos Wirelessly

Do you wish to share a picture on Facebook but have to wait till you get home and use your SD card to share your photos? Well, this New Year has some good news in store for you. With ...

What To Avoid When Designing A Mobile App

Now that more and more people around the world are purchasing smartphones and tablet computers, many people are now starting to design applications for these devices. If you strike ...
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