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How To Use Google Related Links To Show Related Posts In Your Blog

A lot of blog owners devote an insane amount of time getting traffic to flow into their sites and blogs. However, getting that traffic to stay on the blog is a tough asks and is it ...

The Smartest Ways to Optimize Your Website for Bing

When asked to optimize a website, what webmasters think all the time is making the site look good to the eyes of Google. However, there are other search engines besides Google, which ...

Why Google Needs To Leverage Motorola In Android

It was an acquisition that stood to change the smartphone world, but to date it hasn’t made much impact. Nearly two years ago Google agreed acquire Motorola Mobility, giving the ...

Sony Xperia E Review

The Sony Xperia E is an entry-level Android smartphone retailing for around $150. Design & looks The Xperia E follows the design ethic of the current Xperia range, but cost-cutting ...
sony xperia sp

Sony Xperia SP Review

Sony’s new Android smartphone looks set to become a design classic. It may not offer the feature set of the flagship Xperia Z, but it’s not far behind, and when it comes to looks ...
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