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Cloud Computing Is On The Rise

A few years ago, the word “cloud” referred to white, puffy formations in the sky. The definition of “cloud” today has been expanded to include a type of computing where hardware, ...

Why Traditional Enterprise Security Isn’t Enough for SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud-based business applications are one of the fastest growing segments of the computing world, with revenues nearly tripling between 2011 and now. ...

5 Cloud Questions That Will Determine Your Company’s Future

Cloud computing has been at the forefront of technology for quite some time now. It has made every preceding technology look a minnow and will continue to do so because it is being ...
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Emerging Technology Trends In 2014

Gartner Inc. in a recent study highlighted top emerging technology treads that are going to be strategic for most enterprises in 2014. Factors denoting significant impact constitute ...
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Video Collaboration in the Cloud

Are you in the middle of an important business deal and cannot afford to talk to the client on the phone? As much as one relies on telephonic conversations, the reality cannot be denied ...
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