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Latest Cloud Computing Trends In 2015

The cloud has become big business. It stores documents in a special space on the internet and allows authorized people to access those documents from anywhere in the world. Usage and ...

How Modern Data Analytics Plays A Big Role In Business Growth

Data is the most important element driving the world economy. Data is inseparable aspect of business, just like hard assets or human capital. Most of the world’s economic activities ...

Cloud Computing: What is it and How Can You Use it For Your Business?

Everything You Need to Know About the Cloud You’ve heard about the Cloud, but what is it exactly? And how you can use it to your advantage? We explain all the ‘need to knows’ ...
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The Cabinet vs the Cloud: Why You Need to Get Out of the IT Closet

How taking a step into the Cloud and away from the cabinet will benefit your business We discuss why companies need to move their data from their dusty old IT ‘cabinet’ and into ...

3 Cloud Storage Services that are Perfect for Any Virtual Business

Get the best cloud storage technology for your virtual business Are you a start-up that’s generating documents and files at a rapid rate? Here, we explore some of the best cloud storage ...
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