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The Birth of the Apple Watch

After a few years, Apple has finally unleashed a new major category among its existing array of gadgets and devices as they announced and revealed the pricing and availability details ...

3 Exciting Technology Innovations That Are Tipped to Set the Industry On Fire in 2015

From Watches to Windows, Here’s What We’re Looking Forward to This Year Technology is growing ever more useful and exciting, so what kind of exciting developments can we ...

Apple vs. Google: The Battle of Online Purchases

In this era of digital world, people shop online more often than they do in actual stores for their multimedia needs. Way back then, the early forms of social selling were commonly ...

iOS Design Cheat Sheet : Dig Out the Hidden Secrets

Apple never ceases to surprise its ever-expanding users with delightful features and once again it has expanded its iPhone offerings. With every new release, the tech giant intends ...
imac retina display

Apple iMac with 5K Retina Display: A Brief Review

Back in 2013, 4K display was the major battlefield. At that time, 4K seemed like the future; or it was so as they thought. But then the iMac with 5K Retina display came along. As David ...
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