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The Birth of the Apple Watch

After a few years, Apple has finally unleashed a new major category among its existing array of gadgets and devices as they announced and revealed the pricing and availability details ...

Taking Your Business to the Next Level with EPOS

Today Electronic Point of Sale is being used at almost all major retail outlets. Also known as EPOS, Electronic Point of Sale has helped businesses to: increase their profits, make ...

Why Small Businesses Are Shifting To VoIP

Small businesses are shifting towards VoIP solutions in a bid to save money and increase their flexibility. Last year, a report from Software Advice showed that more businesses were ...

If You Need Your Phone Repaired, iMend It

For most people a broken or damaged Smartphone is frustrating and disruptive, with expensive repairs and the thought of spending weeks without their trusty handheld a daunting situation ...

IoT and Home Security

Home security is one of those topics near and dear to many homeowners, especially when families are involved. Everyone wants their loved ones to be kept safe, as well as their property ...

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