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inapp purchase

The Trap of In-app Purchases in Mobile Games

In recent years, the mobile games market has been growing extremely rapidly. To stand out amongst the crowd and to earn more bucks, many game developers and distributors have employed ...

Personalize Your Ecommerce Store Marketing With Online Design Software

One of the many benefits of online design tools are the personalization techniques that have delivered far more relevant shopping experiences hence increasing conversion rates by 70% ...
cloud computing power

Cloud Computing: The Secret Weapon in the Internet

‘Cloud Computing’ has been the buzzword for last couple of years even though there’s a whole lot more to unfold as yet. Today, when virtually everything needs a network connection, ...
google wallet

Coin vs. Google Wallet – Is The Extra Device Worth It?

A well reviewed gadget of 2013 was “Coin”, a virtually connected device that holds all the cards you carry on a regular basis while acting like a card itself.  It can work with ...
mobile app

Don’t Overlook the Obvious in Mobile App Development

With improving technology and ease of use, iPhone, iPad and Android apps are simplifying user’s life and making inroads into everyday life. Mobile apps come across as the most persuasive ...

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