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Why Sourcing Videos For Your Commercials Is A Good Idea

It used to be said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Now, we live in the times of videos, which are technically a thousand images moving. There is no need to explain how well ...

Guidelines for Effective Video Moderation

Video moderation is a strategy for managing inappropriate content on the internet. Leading video sites such as Vimeo, Google Video, YouTube and Dailymotion have very stringent rules ...
samsung galaxy s tab

Love Tablets? Then, Give Samsung Galaxy Tab S A Go

Ten years ago, no one would have imagined there would be mobile devices with full internet connectivity called tablets. However, today, tablet devices are everywhere with various ...
ibm logo

Introducing IBM PureSystems – Revolutionizing Business System Development

IBM is once again showing why they are the leader when it comes to complex business software development needs. In the past when business systems were setup it all had to be done from ...
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Video Collaboration in the Cloud

Are you in the middle of an important business deal and cannot afford to talk to the client on the phone? As much as one relies on telephonic conversations, the reality cannot be denied ...
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