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ShareIt: File Transfer 60x Faster than Bluetooth

Since the inception of Bluetooth Technology, mobile users’ obsession with the latter’s ubiquitous file-sharing medium has never seized. For starters, Bluetooth is an indelible mark ...

Six of the Best Apps You May Have Missed

With both the Google Play store and Apple store being inundated with thousands of apps, some of the handiest, coolest, and most entertaining apps can be easily overlooked. While the ...

Generating Leads With Mobile Marketing & Responsive Design

Global and local marketing experts know that responsive web design is not news. Mobile marketing has been a buzzword since 2013, which is the equivalent of a few eons in SEO time. ...
nexus 6

How to Take Advantage of the Google Nexus 6 Features

The Google Nexus 6 took 2014 by storm with its release. The phablet — which is a hybrid of a smartphone and tablet — comes chock-full of fun features and tremendous user benefits. ...
mobile apps profit

4 Tips for A More Profitable Mobile App

Making money using mobile apps is commonly perceived as a dying trend. This could not be farther from the truth. Many people are still creating new apps and finding ways to make their ...
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