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The World’s Most Popular Smartphone Apps and What to Learn from Them

What is it about some smartphone apps that make them so much more popular than others? According to GlobalWebIndex 2013 data, Google Maps was the most popular smartphone app in the ...

Five Reasons To Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 3

When the flagship version of Note was launched no one imagined that in years to come this smartphone series will be one of the most sought after series in the world. Continuing the ...

Is Flickr Better Than Instagram?

Gone are the days when people shared photos in albums. Today’s photo sharing offers seemingly limitless options, and it’s now easier than ever to share pictures with the ones we ...
sell iphone

3 Critical Things To Do Before Selling Your iPhone

When new iPhones are released, they generate a lot of public hype. Everybody wants the newest, coolest gadget available. Your current phone seems out of date when comparing to the latest ...

How You Can Optimize Front End Performance Fit For Mobile Devices

Enhancing a front end performance is not always easy, but most developers know what to work with. Performance here does not refer to speed of a loading page, but the way it is responding ...
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