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The Birth of the Apple Watch

After a few years, Apple has finally unleashed a new major category among its existing array of gadgets and devices as they announced and revealed the pricing and availability details ...
new jersey

One Year On, How Has New Jersey’s Gambling Experiment Fared?

Early in 2014 the famously rotund Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, signed legislation which would allow online casinos and sportsbooks within the state. This news sparked waves ...

Sony Jumps Into Marketing Pitfall With Its SmartEyeGlass

Some time ago, Google Glass was introduced with a huge marketing buzz. But the device itself – despite being so stylish – was met with a not-so-welcoming embrace from the ...

Microsoft Office 2016- Preview Opens to the Public

All that separates you from the Consumer Technical Preview of Microsoft Office 2016 is a non-disclosure agreement. After a launch in preview, but very limited, the office suite Office ...

Spotlight on iPhone Storage: Why is Apple Being Sued for Misleading Data Capacity Claims?

The Court Case That Shook The Foundations of a Technology Giant We’ve all read about it, but what does this latest lawsuit against Apple mean for the fortunes of the company? ...
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