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Facebook Graph Search Offers New Marketing Opportunities

Facebook has unveiled Graph Search. Facebook Graph Search allows Facebook users to search for information and data within their list of friends, as well as information obtained from ...

Is Google + Relevant To Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is all abuzz about Twitter and Facebook, leaving the often ridiculed Google + in last place. Here is a brief description of what it is. “Google+, a social network ...
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How Do You Measure The Impact Of Facebook Fan Page In Your Small Business

Just starting up a small business is something of an achievement to any individual. But marketing your small business in a way that awareness is steadily generated, in a consistent ...
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How To Optimise Your Business and Blog Page For Facebook Graph Search

Following the launch of Facebook Graph Search service many business and Website owners are perhaps wondering if there are any search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that could ...

Facebook Tests Inbox Access At A Fee Of $1

There is a new experiment conducted by Facebook that will allow for some people to pay in order to have a message bypass the Other folder and be sent to the Inbox of someone that they ...
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