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social media profiles

5 Steps To Manage Your Social Media Profiles

How many social media profiles does your business have? Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, and LinkedIn are just a few. If you’re active on social websites, you could have over ...

Blocking Ads and ‘Games You Might Like’ On Facebook

Much has changed for the worst since Facebook went public in 2012. The days that Facebook did not bother with advertisements are long behind us. These days your timeline and newsfeed ...

Facebook Is Becoming A Major Player In Local Search

The battle for local search supremacy is apparently only heating up. Now, even the “big boys” like Google and Facebook are looking to provide local internet marketing services and ...
facebook traffic

Killer Facebook Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog or Website

Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to increase your blog traffic and grow your blog viewers.  The popularity of Facebook has increased drastically day by day. Today, Facebook ...
Facebook EdgeRank

All You Need To Know About Facebook’s Algorithm

Facebook is far from over. If anything its popularity and usage has only been soaring especially among business owners who have found Facebook to be an excellent platform for establishing ...
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