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An Introduction To Facebook’s New Retargeting Tool

Facebook continues to innovate when it comes to showing relevant ads to its users. The latest addition to Facebook’s advertising techniques comes in the form of an updated retargeting ...

How Facebook Can Help You Find A Job

When it comes to dominant social media platforms, nothing beats the awesome, 600-pound gorilla power of Facebook. There is so much that an account on Facebook can provide you with. ...

Top 10 Facebook EdgeRank Tips

The popularity of Facebook since its establishment on February 2004 has seen it become the most widely used community portals and most downloaded app on the android market. Facebook ...

How To Use Facebook For Business

Small Intro Facebook has more than 500 million active users. This is really something big when compared with other social networking websites. However, all social media websites play ...

Facebook Privacy Settings That You Need To Know

Ah, Facebook! The 600-pound gorilla of the social media world! What once started as a means for college students to stay in easy contact has mushroomed into something that everyone ...
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