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cyber attacks

How to Combat Data Breach Fatigue and Keep Your Company and Customers Safe

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of data breaches. I’m tired of changing my passwords, canceling my credit cards, and worrying about what information is actually private. ...
Open Source

Why Another Open Source IAM Product?

A question that has been lingering.  It’s fair game, but before I get around to actually answering, let’s remember how we got here. Late 90’s Before the first open ...

Using Roles for Access Control is not RBAC

I hear this kind of statement all the time:  ‘We use Roles/Groups for access control in our systems and applications so we’re RBAC’. My response is an emphatic:  ‘No ...
year of the hack

Year of the Hack

2014 will be remembered as the Year of the hack. Sony, Target, Home Depot, UPS, even Victoria couldn’t keep herself Secret.  The list of breaches is depressing. How do you avoid ...

How You Can Complement Data Security Solutions to Safeguard Your Business

Information technology can safely be classified as the backbone of all the industries that exist in today’s global economy. This development has been fuelled by the spread and acceptance ...
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