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Heartbleed Explained In Simple Terms

Recently, internet experts discovered a serious bug that has been lurking around the internet for several years – the bug has been labelled as Heartbleed, which is responsible ...

Is the U.S. Finally Getting Smart About Payment Technology?

Online shopping has become a trend, or should I say a craze specially if you have a credit card. A lot of people today use the Internet to purchase any item or merchandise they need. ...

Unified Communication Security

Unified Communications (UC) is normally defined as the point at which disparate communications applications come together. It usually includes video conferencing, instant messaging, ...
cloud storage

The Future of Cloud Data Storage

Cloud storage has been a key factor in revolutionizing the way that data is stored and accessed. All that is required is a connection to the Internet and a device that is compatible ...

VPNs and Encryption Do Work: A Response

I recently came across another article on TechSling about spying, firewalls and VPN use. I found it to present a very simplistic and dismissive approach to the topics at hand. It also ...
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