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Knowing Hadoop Security and Data Protection Approaches Is A Good Skilled Developer Trait

No one can doubt on Hadoop’s flexibility and scalability as it is a platform that supports all kinds of analytics-focused, data-centric app solutions. Though the platform was not ...

How Do I Keep My Child Safe Online?

The internet is a source of entertainment and education without equal in human history and the modern child is privileged to be able to access it at the click of a button or tap on ...
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How to Face the Challenge of a Data Center Migration

If you want to move some of your data information over to a newer, larger data center, then you will need to be certain of what you are doing, and will have to have considered all your ...
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What Data Security Solutions Should I Use?

All businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the demands placed on them concerning data security protection. New laws designed to benefit private customers mean that businesses ...

Why Do I Need A Firewall?

Hacking caught the media’s attention in 2014 with a number of high-profile cases.  Whether you’re a large organisation or a Small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) alike, there ...
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