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enterprise data protection

The Challenges Facing Enterprise Data Protection in the 21st Century

For almost as long as there has been the World Wide Web, there has been data theft. In the beginning, when the majority of people using computers didn’t have large amounts of ...

Let’s Bid Farewell to Internet Explorer

The immense history of Microsoft’s bonafide browser Internet Explorer spans a total of eleven iterations throughout its 20 years of, well, mediocre existence. At first, it was okay ...
firewall auditing

How To Manage Your Firewall Auditing

Auditing of networks has a big role to play in keeping your system safe. One audit which can help you to ensure that your network connections and internet use are secured is the firewall ...

Some Reasons Why You Should Choose Dedicated Hosting Over Cloud

When the time comes to select the right hosting for your business, there are so many choices that you can avail. You have to look for the specific needs prior making the decision between ...

Knowing Hadoop Security and Data Protection Approaches Is A Good Skilled Developer Trait

No one can doubt on Hadoop’s flexibility and scalability as it is a platform that supports all kinds of analytics-focused, data-centric app solutions. Though the platform was not ...
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