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https ssl

All You Need To Know About HTTPS

Most online websites rely on third party vendors for secure socket layer (SSL). However, before entering your payment information such as credit card details, PayPal username or password ...

Gramofon From Fon – Paving A Musical Journey With WiFi

The advent of technology has made life easier for people. A number of aspects of life can now be managed with ease. And one of the major reasons behind it has been the introduction ...
old school smartphone

The Solution To An Age Old Phone Support Problem

One of the most frequent complaints about companies is their phone support. You probably have your own war story about trying to reach out to an Internet-based service, bank, or other ...

How to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Brand

Choosing a domain name for your brand, be it business or product should be considered an integral part of naming the business or the product itself. This can be quite hectic and confusing ...
facebook newsfeed

Facebook Unveils It’s Recent News Feed Redesign

Facebook, the world’€™s most popular and admired social media site has finally launched its revamped look, redefining it with features manifold. With a decade of dominance in ...
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