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Why Do I Need A Firewall?

Hacking caught the media’s attention in 2014 with a number of high-profile cases.  Whether you’re a large organisation or a Small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) alike, there ...

5 Reasons to Switch from Contract to a Prepaid Wireless Program

Prepaid wireless has come a long way over the past few years. When prepaid first came on the market, it filled a void for consumers that needed a cell phone but didn’t have a ...

Why Your Business Should Be Using Email Encryption Software

Managing and protecting your business’s data is essential, and if you are working with members of the general public it is also a legal requirement.  In the past, it was easy ...
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10 Good Website Examples of Effective Conversion Rate Tactics

Very few websites in the world do things right. Doing things right can be different for each industry. Many websites aren’t revenue focused so doing things right may just be all ...
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4 Key Benefits of Implementing Exchange Email Archiving Solutions

Since the internet became the customary communication mode among businesses and individuals, the prominence of emails within an organization has been on the rise consistently. Amidst ...
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