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online learning

5 Suggestions for the Selection of An Online Degree Institution

Somewhere in your educational path, you might get interruptions in regular academic activities because of family, friends, or the life routine in general. You have learned that only ...

Using Roles for Access Control is not RBAC

I hear this kind of statement all the time:  ‘We use Roles/Groups for access control in our systems and applications so we’re RBAC’. My response is an emphatic:  ‘No ...
year of the hack

Year of the Hack

2014 will be remembered as the Year of the hack. Sony, Target, Home Depot, UPS, even Victoria couldn’t keep herself Secret.  The list of breaches is depressing. How do you avoid ...
fast internet speed

What Internet Speed Is Right For You?

The Internet has made tremendous leaps in the time that it has been in existence. You can do so many things like communicate with people on the other side of the globe, stream movies ...

How Vine 2.5 Will Be A Game Changer For Brands

There is no doubt that Twitter was right in making the decision to acquire Vine, back in the year 2012. Now this was even before the six seconds video-making app was released , i.e. ...
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