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Over 1.2 Billion Of Us Aren’t Smart Enough

In a far distant world which had over 7 billion population, more than 1/7 of the people were considered to be inferior and less smart than their fellows. “Let’s help them,” the ...
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James Foley Beheading Images and Videos Removed From Twitter

The images and videos of U.S. journalist James Foley beheading by Islamic State militants are being removed from Twitter. According to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, “We have been ...

Benefits of Call Recording in the Organization

The world of business has evolved tremendously in recent years particularly because of advancement in technology. Nowadays, business owners and employees can successfully record the ...
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How To Choose A Cloud Storage Provider

Storing and sharing from the cloud is one of the greatest conveniences that has come out of the last five years of digital advances, but of course with convenience also comes risk, ...
American Greetings cards sit on display in a Duane Reade pha

Greeting Card Industry Goes Hi-Tech

Why are there greeting cards? Why does every store larger than a gas station have at least one whole side of an aisle devoted to rectangular paper folds that say things like, “Happy ...
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