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Hadoop Clusters: Advantages At A Glance

In last few decades, big data analytics has become the talk of the B- town. Some organizations have already realized that their existing analysis techniques are not solving the purpose ...
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This New Wearable Tech Can Calm Your Chattering Mind

What do you think about Mondays? It’s the start of another great week, the perfect time for a fresh start! Well that’s a nice way to see it if you’re living in utopia. In reality ...

How Technology Has Shaped The Virtual Workforce

Once upon a time, working from home was this aggravating exercise in jumping through hoops in order to get access to the necessary applications and data residing at the business itself. ...

The Battle of Bitcoin vs. Fiat Currencies: Who Will Win?

Naysayers have a litany of reasons that Bitcoin will never make it on Main Street: Bitcoin is too complicated, it isn’t necessary, it’s too volatile, the government might ban it, ...
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A Case for Digital Menu Boards: 6 Solid Reasons to Get Your Hands on Them!

You must have noticed that your menu boards are really crowded, right? Your business is growing and you have a lot more on offer but you can hardly fit everything on your menu boards. ...
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