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cloud computing power

Cloud Computing: The Secret Weapon in the Internet

‘Cloud Computing’ has been the buzzword for last couple of years even though there’s a whole lot more to unfold as yet. Today, when virtually everything needs a network connection, ...
google wallet

Coin vs. Google Wallet – Is The Extra Device Worth It?

A well reviewed gadget of 2013 was “Coin”, a virtually connected device that holds all the cards you carry on a regular basis while acting like a card itself.  It can work with ...

Today’s Top Uses for Digital Kiosks

Kiosks are no longer the next big thing – they are the current big thing. Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last ten years (unlikely), you’ve almost certainly seen ...

Cloud Computing Is On The Rise

A few years ago, the word “cloud” referred to white, puffy formations in the sky. The definition of “cloud” today has been expanded to include a type of computing where hardware, ...

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting and QuickBooks Point of Sale

With QuickBooks or any application hosted on a cloud server, the complexities and extra expenses of such software and its management could be chopped down. The requirement of QuickBooks ...
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