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Spotlight on iPhone Storage: Why is Apple Being Sued for Misleading Data Capacity Claims?

The Court Case That Shook The Foundations of a Technology Giant We’ve all read about it, but what does this latest lawsuit against Apple mean for the fortunes of the company? ...

How Modern Data Analytics Plays A Big Role In Business Growth

Data is the most important element driving the world economy. Data is inseparable aspect of business, just like hard assets or human capital. Most of the world’s economic activities ...
virtual data room

Reasons Why You Should Be Using A Virtual Data Room

If you have been considering virtual data room for your business, you may be wondering that exact applications and the reasons why it should be put to use. You may be thinking what ...
learning technology

Year 2015 is Certainly Going to be a Big Year of ERP

Technology has progressed way beyond our imaginations! Every other day, there is some new invention or technology that knocks the door! And needless to say these tools and technologies ...

10 Rising Web Design Trend of 2015

The web world has really changed a lot in the past few years. If you see ten years back, you will notice that a common layout pattern was followed by various websites. The go-to pattern ...
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