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pearl linux

All That Buzz With Pearl Linux OS

In the flora and fauna of Linux computing, the Pearl OS is one of the most promising stars of the elusive platform. Though it might have a lot to catch up if it is to be compared with ...
windows 365

You’ve Heard of Office 365, Now Microsoft Could be Offering Windows 365

Will Windows deliver something revolutionary? Some believe that the operating system’s best days have well and truly been left behind, but could Windows 365 prove them all wrong? ...

Want to try Windows 10 on your Mac?

Mac users wanting to try Windows 10 Technical Preview will not have to wait longer. Indeed, they can start testing the new version of the OS with Parallels Desktop 10 . A new update ...
windows 8

In Praise of Windows 8

Due to the emergence of tables and smartphones, Microsoft released Windows 8, which offers a new experience for web users. It is a browser that utilizes the Internet explorer effectively ...

iOS or Android?

The iOS and Android debate is very divisive -€“ at least for those who don’t have accessories like a USB 3.0 docking station that can work on both devices. But what really distinguishes ...
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