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How Enterprise Software has Simplified, Mobilized and Webified in Recent Years

‘Enterprise software’ has been traditionally used to conduct line-of-business operations such as accounting, business intelligence (BI), communication and collaboration, customer ...

iOS Design Cheat Sheet : Dig Out the Hidden Secrets

Apple never ceases to surprise its ever-expanding users with delightful features and once again it has expanded its iPhone offerings. With every new release, the tech giant intends ...
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Why Google Have Launched an Asault on the Corporate Space

It has been announced this week that professional services multinational PwC have signed an agreement with Google to promote the technology giant’s suite of online apps for businesses ...

Big Data and the Bare Metal Cloud

By this time, most people out there are familiar with the concept of Big Data; that catch-all term for massive amounts of information extracted from multiple sources and made available ...

How Sales Forecasting Software Can Be The Key To Growing Your Business

In recent years there has been a surge in the popularity of advanced business management software applications, including sales forecasting software. Powerful tools such as these have ...
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