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refresh os

Time To Refresh That Operating System!

One of the biggest problems most people face in any computer environment is the age of the hardware and software installed. When you have those funky errors that pop up every time you ...
networking guide

Simple Home Networking Guide

“It takes more effort to fix a mistake than it does to get it right the first time”. I have heard and applied that principal to setting up networks since I have started in the computer ...

iPad Mini or Microsoft Surface Tablet?

I have written about tablets and the new Windows 8 or RT tablet version in previous blogs before. So by now I’m sure most people are aware of the newest tech from Microsoft, the surface ...
windows 8

Windows 8: Should You Upgrade Yet?

Well it is finally here the long awaited windows 8 platform.  You can grab your copy for a mere $14 in some instances! But whoa slow down take a breath and listen up. I have used ...

Antivirus and the FBI Virus Explained

Super-hot topic right now is the FBI virus and its evolving variants.  Also how do I prevent an infection and what anti-virus (AV) should I be using.  I will be going into full detail ...
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