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Windows Phone 8X Versus iPhone 5

Today, you must be well-attuned when choosing the right mobile device for your personal or business usage. Tech giants and smartphone manufacturers are bringing newer phones in such ...

Social Platform Slingjot Technologically Advances SMM

The adoption and integration of social media now reflects how social you are. Now it is hard to find, even an average Internet user without having involvement with at least one or more ...

SmartFile Proven More Secure Than FTP

Are you aware about the security issues of data transfer protocols which are used to transfer your data from one source to another? A data transfer protocol with adequate bandwidth ...
multilingual language

Multilingual Technical Content Increases SEO And IT Sales

Setting up a successful domestic business does not guarantee fruitful results in the international market. Businesses translating the code into various dialects can be rest assured ...
big data

How In-Memory Big Data Becomes A Strategic Asset

Do you have any idea about the approximate size or even total amount of data we are dealing with everyday? Don’t have a heart attack when you find the size is around 2.5 quintillion ...
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