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The Ubuntu Edge: The World’s First Superphone

Ambition often clouds our vision of reality and when it comes to technology, this is certainly the case for most concept gadgets. With many developers and manufacturers continually ...
business security

Small Businesses & IT Infra Security

The Internet is one of business’€™ most powerful tools. With the huge amount of social networking, brand engagement and retail methods being powered by its expansive infrastructure, ...
business phone

What To Look For In Business Phone Systems

The speed of business is equal only to the speed of your communications network. It is for this exact reason that most companies do not skimp on this particular infrastructure. What ...
samsung battery

Longer Battery Life for Samsung Phones

The mobile phone is used most of the time in transacting business with customers or with business partners. Throughout the day, your mobile phone either constantly rings or is used ...
windows blue

A Bright Open Window

Almost everyone in the whole wide world has a cellular phone, and in relation to that statement is the fact that almost everyone came from using personal computers before getting hold ...
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