Is Security For Your Mobile Devices Really Necessary?

In recent years, the use of mobile phones and tablets has risen dramatically, with many people using them for more than emergencies and the odd phone call/text message. The strong likelihood that mobile and tablet sales are likely to outstrip those of PCs this year suggests that their use is becoming increasingly common, but as with PCs, there are numerous security concerns which lurk.

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One of the biggest possible problems is that, as use of mobiles for internet access grows, so does the threat of being infected by viruses. Many cyber-criminals have realised that, as more people use their smartphones in order to check their emails and communicate with friends via social media sites, they can target them with mobile-specific malware, a problem which seems to be growing.

Same old problems

As is the case with PCs, viruses in particular can cause a huge amount of damage to your phone if it becomes infected in any way. They could steal some of your most sensitive information or, in extreme cases, make your phone unusable, meaning that you have to fork out for another one or pay hefty repair bills. Keeping on top of your phone’s security could ensure this never happens.

Fortunately for many mobile phone owners, there are a range of different mobile antivirus and anti-malware apps available for them to use, but no matter what you have, you need to know how to use it and what threats to look out for. Mobile protection tips offered by security experts are very useful, while performing daily scans and enabling real-time protection are essential.

Protection across all your devices

In many ways, security for your PC and mobile devices are pretty much the same. Both aren’t exactly impervious to the threats posed by malware, while many individual websites are designed to work on mobiles and PCs.

For even the most basic smartphone, security is a key concern. The use of a dedicated program or app which is activated all the time should put many of your worries at bay should you come across a compromised app or webpage. Also, you should try and visit trusted sites if, say, you want to find out the latest news, while owning a branded smartphone can help you feel a little less anxious too.

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3 Responses to "Is Security For Your Mobile Devices Really Necessary?"

  1. Pramod

    Hi mate !
    Till this date , i haven’t experienced any security problem on my Android phone nor the antivirus detected any virus,Trojan or a malware on my phone (i do browse the internet from my phone)..so i don’t feel that security is necessary on a phone .


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    • Salman

      Agree with you … Till date, even I didn’t find any virus or something affecting my device. Like you, I too browse regularly on my smartphone although I avoid visiting malicious sites..etc etc

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  2. raj says:

    This must not be a question as its answer is always yes, specially since the time Smartphones have come in to the market with which we can do almost any work which can be done with your PC with some additional features. Now a days we are using these mobile devices for all the critical information we have, if it is not secure, nothing will be secure. We carry all the sensitive data with us every time whether it is our bank account details, or email synchronization everything is available for the one who stole it, found it or hack it. So security must be the prime criteria while carrying your phone with all your sensitive information in it. Thanks for this very informative article.

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