How Cloud Services Are Changing The Face Of European Business

Cloud services have been around for a while, but it is only recently that they have gained enough mainstream traction and appeal to have a substantial and visible impact on business. The first companies that invested in these services have seen significant benefit, and they have acted as a case study for the rest of the market. It is easy to see the effect that private cloud management has had on the European market when you look closer at the current state of companies that use these services as their mainstay for IT systems infrastructure.

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The companies that use the cloud tend to go for private cloud management. In this service, they are provided with their own private cloud, and this is managed for them by the third party service provider. This allows the company to concentrate all of its focus on the areas of business that they are best suited to manage. This is not just a cost saving measure for the market but is also a tool that is being used to optimize the internal business processes of the companies that use the service. It is evident in that companies that are using private cloud services are able to set up their operational branches much faster. This is because they have eliminated the large amount of time it takes to set up a proper information technology infrastructure in the new region of operations.

Cloud services are being touted as one of the most prominent reasons behind the renewed competitiveness of the European businesses. These businesses had stagnated due to increased competition from Asian markets. The Asian markets had the advantage of cheaper labor, which led to unusually low prices that the rest of the markets in the world long struggled to compete with. The cloud has eliminated the need for IT support personnel departments that are large and also the cost of acquiring the tools that are used for this business. This has resulted in increased savings on the expenditures of such companies when producing their products and services. These savings are in turn reflected in the actual cost of the products and a result there is increased competitiveness from a market many had written off.

The cloud is changing the way people look at setting up business. There is no longer a need for the entrepreneur to amass large capital before setting up because they can get their IT needs met much easier and cheaper.

Alfrid Desouza

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  1. myles

    A very well written post there. ;) thanks

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  2. harshi

    Cloud services are always planning something or the other ! its really hard to be at the other end !

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