Despicable Me: Minion Rush App Review

Despicable Me : Minion Rush is a fitting tribute to the cartoon movie and continues to win hearts worldwide. It is sure to please you with its nice combination of nice little Minions, their funny and cute actions as well as the well defined graphics that are bound to captivate your attention once you get down to play it. The game basically comprises of Gru’€™s gibbering minions who take on different as well as difficult challenges throughout the game. You play the game as one of those minions and compete with others to cross obstacles, collect bananas, jump as well as fly to come out on top of others in the quest to impress Gru! The winner lands the title of Minion of the Year.


The game is basically an endless runner with your minion running alongside other minions, collecting different items and saving yourself from crashing into cars or other objects and ultimately completing all the levels. One very catchy thing about this game is that your minion will take evasive action to dodge various projectiles thrown at it and then it can even very beautifully ‘throw’€ those projectiles back at your nemesis. As the game progresses, you will notice that the game picks up its pace and begins to test your reflexes nicely.

The controls are simple and quick. All what is required is switching to the left or right lanes of the road to either avoid or slide under bigger objects or also for collecting bananas. Later on or as required, you can spend collected bananas for purchasing costumes, shields or even redressing your minion. Besides bananas, there are also tokens which can be used to  purchase special items. Just to quote an example here. If your minion hits an object, you have the option to revive it by spending some of those tokens. Tokens are not that easy to collect like bananas but you can also purchase them using real currency if you have some to spare. Also, all the levels are splattered with different kinds of power-ups which help provide you with various boost-ups like shielding you from obstacles that you may bump into, jumping you across certain distance of a level etc. Also, all of your progress is saved frequently so that you can resume from exactly the place where your game was interrupted. That brings in a sense of continuity!

As you advance through different levels, you will come across different bosses who are there to take on you. Bosses are tougher than the normal game play, but the encounter is also fun at the same time. And of course, the numerous bosses whom you will come across also include Vector, Gru’s arch rival.

All in all, the game itself can be safely termed a recommended package with its very fine and detailed graphics, animation effects as well as the sounds and the music. And not to forget, the Minions’€™ gibberish talk. That is really kind of funny and attractive at the same time.

Download: Despicable Me (Android)

Ali Khan is an IT professional working in Sorcim Technologies. The company makes softwares and mobile phone apps. In his spare time Ali contributes at WinPhoneDroid.

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