Televisions Get Smarter With New Technology

Since the 1950s, households everywhere have watched television the standard way: look at a screen and witness moving and talking images. More than half a century later, the television viewing experience has dramatically changed, the technology has transformed and the televisions themselves have gotten smarter with each passing year.

The future of televisions, which is right around the corner,  consists of systems that allow the owner to view a tile of images, change channels with a swipe of your hand and ask the television what movie is on this evening – one new breed of smart TVs have facial recognition software similar to what the United States Department of Homeland Security uses.

smart tv

Wyplay powers open, modular and innovative home media software solutions for leading pay television operators, such as IPTV, cable, satellite and terrestrial. The company was created in March 2006 in the south of France and has successfully deployed roughly 10 million innovative, flexible and set-top box software solutions around the world.

The technological aspects are the core area of strength for Wyplay. The technology developed at Wyplay enables TV operators to select, configure and deploy solutions from the richest list of pre-configured functionality in the market: Zapper, recorder, HTML5, Android, multi-screen, home connectivity, media center and multi-room.

In addition, Wyplay’s specialities include Middleware Provider for Operators and Broadcasters, DVB (Satellite, Cable, and Terrestrial), OTT, Multi-Application Framework, Advanced Media Player, Connected Home and CAS/Chipset/STB/Back-end Agnostic.

“With the launch of this next generation TV platform, Wyplay once again demonstrates that it has attentively listened to its customers, correctly observed the market needs, and acted to create an extremely innovative and adaptable solution” said Dominique Feral, CMO Wyplay, in a news release. “Wyplay’s customers are now able to deliver an evolving range of products and offerings that suite their specific market and their individual subscriber needs.”

By employing its advanced technology solutions, Wyplay facilitates operators to provide rapid time to market deployment, compelling customer experience, access to high performance content, easy navigation, fast search option, personalization and the ability to create user profiles. Also, Wyplay provides recommendations for integration, interoperability, value added applications, cloud services and ecosystem independent solution for legacy and next generation set-top boxes.

The success of Wyplay is due to its highly-talented and innovative team of 120 people. The primary factor driving Wyplay’s technological leadership is the fact that it has been able to assemble an international team of leading software architects and engineers who have significant expertise in the fields of hardware, low-level drivers, middleware, application framework and user experience designs.

Furthermore, Wyplay has made significant efforts to be aware of end-user trends, needs and desires in order to provide them with the most relevant and user-centric solutions.

Wyplay has some of the leading media companies as its customers. These include SFR, the second largest IPTV operator in Europe; Vodafone Internet TV, Belgacom TV, a mature operator with approximately two million subscribers; and CANAL+, which recently selected Wyplay for its next decoder software.

“After over six months of testing and prototyping we proved to the CANAL+ Group that we can meet the challenge and support them in the process of continuous innovation and new use cases, all the while confirming their deployment strategy for the current decoder known as ‘The Cube’,” said Jacques Bourgninaud, Wyplay CEO, in a statement. “Canal+ Group is a global success story. Today we are very proud to be at their side.”

Susan Creach

I am a Senior at the University of Texas majoring in Consulting & Change Management.

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