Mobile Marketing Industry Expected To Keep Climbing

mobile-marketingAs society becomes even more technologically advanced and mobile, promoting a company’s brand has become cost-effective and simpler, but it still needs a certain technique and expertise. The Internet has transformed the marketing sector in a dramatic way through an array of means.

One of the biggest developments in Internet marketing has been social media advertising. By simply opening up a free account on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, a company can establish a brand by offering discounts, pegging the opinions of its customers and sending out promotions. This can be most useful with mobile marketing.

This year, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) published the results of a recent study that found the mobile marketing industry will employ around 1.4 million people and add approximately $400 billion in economic output within the next two years.

In science, the term Tungsten originates from the filament in a light bulb, which is a metal that can absorb energy and then translate that energy into light. By utilizing technology, advancements in marketing and innovation, Tungsten Branding aspires to generate awareness of a firm’s brand and communicate to the world the essential who, what, where and why.

Tungsten Branding helps grow brands associated with the finance, medical, IT/Tech and consulting industries by applying its strategies of brand creation, management, consulting, auditing and repositioning. Essentially, it offers naming and branding services for all kinds of start-ups, professional and entrepreneurs so firms can refrain from spending lavish budgets on advertising and marketing.

The services initiated by the Brevard, North Carolina-based company attempts to abolish the astronomical amounts of money spent on media acquisitions by making sure a company has become well-known, properly aligned in the market and branded so the general public is aware of what it is, what it sells and what it provides.

Over the years, Tungsten Branding has worked one-on-one with various clients, such as TeamLogicIT, TrickleStar, Trubiquity, Auris Marketing, PeachStone Capital, IllumaGroup, New Hammer and dozens more. Each brand has grown due to a completely new strategy that has garnered public awareness.

Much of the success that Tungsten Branding has experienced couldn’t have been done without the dedicated, experienced and professional team of graphic designers, web developers, brand strategists and linguistic experts. By coming up with fresh ideas, a proven process and compelling brand identities, Tungsten Branding has become the premier venue for marketing services.

The company was founded by Phil Davis, who has more than two decades of company naming and branding experience. In his distinguished career, Davis has named more than 200 companies, products and services across the globe.

“Through careful planning, creative strategy, and consistent execution, you can successfully rename and reposition your company to build greater awareness, recall and profitability,” wrote Davis in his blog post.

For nearly 20 years, Davis successfully ran a full-service advertising firm. Due to his extensive knowledge in the industry, he has been quoted in various media publications, such as BusinessWeek, Newsday, Inc.om and Entrepreneur. In addition, he is an author, blog contributor and keynote speaker.

Susan Creach

I am a Senior at the University of Texas majoring in Consulting & Change Management.

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  1. harshi

    Really veryinformaive post ! rather the best post on the web for mobile marketing ! Thumbs up

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  2. Soren Houe says:

    Very informative. As people use more mobile phone, it is expected to increase mobile marketing.

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  3. Walt Wiliams says:

    It’s great that there are arcticles like this highlighting the importance of mobile marketing. People need to branch out and learn about the various options they have, such as mobile video advertising which is a great way to engage users. I have recently used Adspruce and they were great.

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