What Exactly Is The Cloud?

The cloud. In the past, the cloud was called ASP (application service provider), and worked as a service (Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service). According to Evolve, the cloud is a supply of computing resources, such as servers, storage, applications, and voice services, which businesses use from a network. This takes away the need for on-site equipment. The cloud technologies allow IT departments to increase resources without buying equipment or training employees or creating a holding place. Users have access to software and servers that are always on, from anywhere. Businesses get to pay as they go, as the cloud uses such features to fund their IT department.


According to How Stuff Works cloud computing, one company would remotely manage things including email, word processing and data analysis programs. In a cloud computing system, there’s a shift in in the workload. The network of computers that make up the cloud gives them the work, rather than local computers. Hardware and software demands on the user’s side decrease. The user’s operates as the cloud system’s interface software. Interface software can include an Internet browser. The cloud’s manages it with the remainder of the computer’s functions. Data is not stuffed into a single computer’s drive, or even into a place as large as a company’s network.

As computer users, we have likely used the cloud already. You have used cloud computing with web-based e-mail, most often by logging onto a remote email account. The account’s storage and programming exist on the cloud, not on your computer. Rudimentarily, all that is needed with the cloud is a terminal, a keyboard and a mouse.

A contact center using the cloud and acting as Software as a Service, such as Echopass, could benefit a larger organization by creating more than one center and allowing for multiple operations. It may be able to transform business and Information Technology. It could also reduce costs and help businesses to act with more flexibility, among other benefits.

The cloud adapts to the current business world, and reduces cots by allowing businesses to use cloud contact centers on a pay as you go basis, allowing for more flexibility. Organizations can grow or shrink as quickly as they need to, and they need not acquire or manage the applications they are using. The programs are all in the cloud. Hosted contact center providers such as Echopass offer an array of contact center applications in a connected cloud.

As far as security, companies have measures in operation but privacy must be protected through authenticiation such as user names and passwords, or user authorization. Authorization involves a system where each user can only see the data specific to his or her job.

The cloud has been a rapidly expanding resent technology, in business and consumer areas. Beginning in the 1990’s, to the Software as a Service push in the early 2000’s, the cloud helps organizations control costs, use resources effectively and gain access to technology necessary to business. It has been developed mostly because of economic factors including the need for computing that is more cost-effective and friendly to the environment.


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  4. Cloud Computing is the next generation of computing. Thanks for your insights, even though i’m a little familiar with the term, I’m not exactly familiar with what it exactly means.

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