Loughlin Michaels Pushes the PR Envelope with Technology Advancements

Public relations has dramatically changed over the years due to advancements made in technology. By utilizing certain technological elements, media and PR experts are able to find some of the smallest details regarding consumers, trends, habits and the effects of brands on the general public.

Reporters, media representatives and others also benefit from such technology. Sending a press release can be done with a simple email to any number of people, smartphones allow journalists on the scene to still peruse updated and pertinent information and social media outlets permit the uninterrupted access of information, which has assisted in the development of certain news stories such as the Arab Spring.


With the latest expansions and improvements in technology, public relations and technology is sort of an old meets new phenomenon that will only improve the efforts made by media specialists, journalists and advertising consultants.

Loughlin/Michaels Group (LMGPR) provides leading edge and traditional public relations and communications services that are exclusively designed to enable clients to achieve their business objectives.

LMGPR provides customized solutions for clients that are based on their individual needs and business goals and objectives. LMGPR also believes in creating long-term relationships with its clientele and assists them to achieve not only their short-term goals but their long-term ones as well. The services offered by the private firm are ideal for companies that aim to accomplish a leadership position or those that are seeking a defined business outcome.

The company provides its clients with highly-focused teams, strong, consistent and experienced leadership and hands-on services that are designed to generate maximum benefit and measurable results. The core philosophy of LMGPR is to focus on output measured through media coverage and social media interactions; impact measured as changes in perceptions and attitudes; and outcome measured as the achievement of quantifiable business objectives.

The core services offered by LMGPR consist of strategy and counsel, media and analyst relations, positioning and messaging, product and brand launches, media training, social media management, speaker’s bureau management, IPO and funding communications, customer advocacy and market research and perception audits.

LMGPR’s basic philosophy revolves around the belief that public relations is a critical tool for building technology brands and achieving market leadership. The organization believes in establishing a strategic partnership with its clients because it would enable both parties to use creativity and tenacity, engage in productive and honest dialogue and develop mutually agreed upon measurable results.

Donna Loughlin Michaels is the president and founder of LMGPR and established the organization in 2002. Michaels is a veteran of the public relations industry and is well-known for her persistence and originality in leading public relations programs for early stage innovators.

Through her excellent services, she has been able to help them from start-up to IPO and often acquisition. Michaels is also known for her results-oriented PR programs, her dedication to her clients and her constant enthusiasm for technology. By creating strategic partnerships with her clients, Michaels has been able to strengthen brands, catapult companies to market leadership, secure loyal customer following and drive revenue.

During her career, she has been called the “PR She Devil” of Silicon Valley and beyond. She has also been awarded the Stevie Awards PR Leader of the Year for small agencies in 2009 and has been named one of the 100 Most Influential Women in Business by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Susan Creach

I am a Senior at the University of Texas majoring in Consulting & Change Management.

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