Increase Communication, Decrease E-mails

oogwave_300Today, in a world where workers can perform their duties in the comfort of their home, the business model has drastically changed.  Technology has become an integral part of every company’s short- and long-term strategy.  It is important for businesses today to be available on cloud, at one secure place and to be accessible 24 hours a day. Oogwave helps businesses achieve this goal and provides a secure and private intuitive workspace on the cloud.

Oogwave is a platform that allows co-workers within a company to share their content with each other.  Founded in 2011, Oogwave creates a private environment for a company that fosters two-way communication at all levels and enables collaboration, contact and coordination on activities, ideas, projects, files and content across teams, departments and geographies.

The biggest advantage of Oogwave is that it helps an organization connect and sync their employees in interactive workspaces and enables them to share, discover and work together efficiently.  This can be done anytime and anywhere and makes a business work faster and better.

Another feature of Oogwave is that it allows organizations to create external workspaces with their external partners and customers.  This further facilitates the business to act as a team and strengthen relationships with the key players and parties that are involved and are essential for the success of projects, ideas and events.

“At one level, our customers want quality apps that are easy to use and improve their overall productivity. But they also need management, security, back-up, and other features. With Oogwave, we’re delivering those features in order to remove as many barriers as possible to working online in a secure and hassle free environment”, said Peter Smith, product director, Oogwave, in a media release.

To this date, email has been the primary form of discussion and collaboration within a private firm and government department.  Oogwave offers a new way of working and shifts away from using email as the primary method and transitioning toward sharing detailed information through a system of secure collaboration.  The system is simple to use and offers significant reduction in costs – there is no need to purchase server hardware.  It enables employees to focus more on strategic work and less on communication issues.

“There is a lot of work to be done to get Oogwave Inc., to where it needs to be in the grand scheme of things and we plan to work very hard to make this happen. We’ve got real challenges but we’ve got a very strong and talented team, financially and otherwise,” said Gaurav Jain, new CEO of Oogwave Inc., in a statement.

Its pricing structure is labeled as one of “the simplest pricing in the industry.” Users can pay either $250 for an entire year or $25 each month for no restrictions, no storage space limit, no groups limits and no user limits. Furthermore, since there are no hidden costs, clients can utilize Oogwave any way they want.

It maintains a head office in India and a regional office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Susan Creach

I am a Senior at the University of Texas majoring in Consulting & Change Management.

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2 Responses to "Increase Communication, Decrease E-mails"

  1. Sally

    Technology is a part of our everyday life now. It is making our way of life so much easier. The sweet part is being able to do job in the comfort of you own home all because of our new Technology.

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  2. Raj says:

    Great to see that such a creative platform has now been developed to work more efficiently on a project without using any email service to share your content with your colleagues. Oogwave can really make the difference in near future as it provides a simple & secure platform to work simultaneously on a common project. Thanks for sharing the post Creach.

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