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mimecastEmail is a ubiquitous and essential method of communication, let alone a convenient one. Like all things connected with the digital world, there are certain security risks associated with it. Businesses are becoming increasingly concerned that emails are relatively simple to hack into, and the response from within the industry has been a drive towards more safe and secure encryption systems. At Mimecast business email is a primary concern. However, the latest solutions are cloud-based, making them even more secure than with traditional archived systems.

Research has shown that many smaller businesses find the subject of internet security a difficult one to handle and, as a result, some are staying away from the internet. This can be a fatal decision for businesses that do not understand the value of an online presence. Where email is concerned, there is a real problem with confidential information being viewed by persons who are not meant to, and there is a certain need for a secure and safe solution rather than the standard encryption methods. This is why many security companies are embracing the cloud solution, as it is far more difficult to crack.

Archiving of emails is also an area of some concern and, more to the point for smaller businesses, archives take up valuable space on servers on a permanent basis. With cloud-based storage systems, there is no waste of space, and access to archived emails is as simple as can be. Such a system also offers the advantage of being immune from random deletion of important messages, and is cost effective too. The best security systems tend to be those that are simple, and cloud storage is the up and coming security solution of the moment.

The subject of internet security often arises in the mainstream news, and in such a fast moving environment, it’s always up to the experts to keep up with the changes. New ways of breaching security firewalls appear all the time, and companies such as Mimecast are experts at keeping a step ahead of the problem. Constantly developing their systems to be as secure as possible, they deliver solutions that are affordable for smaller companies and secure enough for the big players in the market. Reports of internet theft are rife, and business users need to know that their information is not at risk from unscrupulous users.

No business can operate without access to email – that is a basic fact of commercial life these days – and minimising risks is part of successful business management. By using a proven cloud storage system for email security, the user not only ensures the security of confidential information, but also ensures that staff can access only what they need to thanks to personalized file storage. With ever-more powerful systems and a need for faster networks and greater access, the subject of security takes a major place on the business agenda but, fortunately, there are excellent solutions for all sizes of business.

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3 Responses to "Email Security Solutions from Mimecast"

  1. Laura from SpeedCommander says:

    I totally agree – every business needs email security. The last thing they want is someone steals their accounts and send spams, or have technical issues and lose important emails. We live in a world of speed and insecurity. Clients won’t wait for you to apologize for inconveniences, they’ll hurry up to your competitors.

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  2. Dan says:

    Cloud Storage became very popular in the last years and it has a lot of advantages: it’s cheap, safe and you don’t have to worry about hardware malfunction. Moving the email to cloud is a good solution for small businesses that can’t easily handle internet security.

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  3. Jim Delgado says:

    This solution is the effect of the problem that Mimcecast had experienced ended in clients being unable to send or receive messages, disrupting the day-day running of businesses through the UK disgruntled customers needed to Facebook and Twitter to voice their grievances.

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