How To Reduce Your Home Or Office Printing Cost

People who print regularly at home or in the office normally face some challenges and especially when their printer seems like a cash cow. As their printing budget rises, the need to cut down on this expense without turning to commercial printing services increases. However, not many people really understand how best they can lower their printing budget and this article is aimed at giving a guide on how to best deal with your inflated budget while still maintaining the quality of your printouts.

Below are some of the steps to consider:

Consider using refill ink cartridges

With many people considering toner and replacement ink cartridges to be ideal, there is a way that you can cut down on your budget while still enjoying the same quality. There are many dealers offering the re-manufactured toners and cartridges online and these will work well with your printer thus saving you some money as compared to what you get if you buy from the manufacturers and their local supply shops. These cartridges are able to produce the same quality results but their cost is much lower. You can also opt for the available refill kits so as to be able to do the refill yourself although this should only be an option if at all you know how to do it without causing unnecessary damages to your cartridge.

Buy the right type of printer

The right kind of a printer should be determined first of all by the volume of your office or home printing work. Whereas inkjet printers for example will be ideal due to their lower buying price, many people find them to be expensive in the long run and especially considering the cost of the consumables associated with them. On the other hand, LaserJet printers are a little bit pricey but cheaper to maintain with their toner cartridge casting less. Depending with the rate of your printing work, you should consider a printer that allows for cartridge refill or one whose replacements are easy to find and at a cheaper cost. Printing cost could also be kept low by choosing a multi-purpose machine that caters for your printing needs such as copying, printing and faxing.

Print your documents on both sides of the paper

Apart from the cost of ink, papers also eat into a good chunk of your printing budget. You could slash this cost by printing your documents on both sides of the paper and this way you will reduce the cost of paper by 50 percent. You could look for printers that come with automatic duplex mode which allows you to print your documents on both sides.

Regulate the color density settings

Printing cost could go up or down depending on the color density of your printing work. Before printing, you should check the darkness settings keeping them lower thus spending low amount of ink. The documents will not be very bold but this does not take away their clarity and quality. At the end of the day, you get your documents printed and clear but spend less in the process.

There are many ways to reduce your printing budget at home or in office and the above tips will go a long way in helping you achieve this. Make sure you consider all the printing aspects involved and see how you could keep your budget within the desired limits.

This guest post is contributed by Lewis, who is a printer technician now writing on Canon ink refill technique for printerfillingstation.com. Get special discount on printer ink by following Facebook fan page.

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  1. Awesome tips to reduce home and ofice print cost Thank You to share this information it’s really helpful.

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  2. Superb Idea, some tips like refilling of cartridge and printing on both side is and regulate the color setting is really good.

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