5 Fundamentals Of A Winning Landing Page

Your landing page plays a vital role in determining whether your advertising campaign fails or succeeds. Sadly, very few Internet marketers understand the fundamentals of what makes a landing page work. Some of these fundamentals are in fact common sense but all too commonly overlooked. Here are the five that you need to build your landing page on.

Fundamental #1: A Clear and Direct Headline

Whether you’re selling a product or attempting to get the visitor to submit their contact information, you must have a clear headline. Your headline should clearly say what it is you are offering or selling. You want the visitor to understand what they’re here for and what they’re getting in 3 seconds. There are many websites that use clever or even funny headlines, but split test results often indicate that a clear and direct headline almost always performs better.

Fundamental #2: Provide a Cohesive Experience

If your visitors are coming from the search engines by typing in “electric guitar,” don’t present them with an offer for an acoustic guitar. This should be obvious, but many businesses still try to get away with it. It’s also important to remind visitors what they were searching for, so add references by adding the keywords they used to find your site or by mentioning the site they came from.

Fundamental #3: Make a Clear Offer or Call to Action

If your intent is to sign visitors up to your newsletter, state the benefits and tell them to sign up. If your goal is to secure a sale, tell them what they are getting and what action to take next. You shouldn’t ignore this vital element in your landing page because it should be obvious to the visitor. Web visitors are always scanning and unfocused, so you need to do your job by giving them a direct course of action.

Fundamental #4: Use a Professionally Design Page

Many websites try to get away with a poorly designed landing page. Sometimes it’s true that the text is all that’s important, but the design often has an impact on the conversion rates. When creating a landing page, don’t skim on getting it professionally designed. While it means you may have to spend a little bit of money, it doesn’t have to costly. The font should be clear, the graphic elements shouldn’t take away from the text, and the site should display a professional image.

Fundamental #5: Never Stop Testing

The real secret ingredient to a winning landing page is meticulous testing. You want to test everything from the design format, font, subscription box, to the graphic images. The most impactful elements will probably be the headline and offer, so you should start there. Split testing will work but using multivariate data testing through reliable statistics software programs or tools will help you find the winning elements faster.

Hayley Granton

This article was written by Hayley Granton and Michael Myles. Follow Michael on Google+ at https://plus.google.com/108476920319204717471/. She recommends visiting activeinternetmarketing.com/blog/online-business-strategy/market-segmentation-youre-doing-it-wrong/ to learn more about market research.

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    Some really good indications and points for creating a good landing page. I will think about and them work on them . Hope they bring out better results.

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