SharePoint Best Practices for a SharePoint Consultant

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SharePoint development is never easy. You have to consider the framework as well as the custom solution you want to implement. For a developer and a consultant, they have to consider custom SharePoint components such as the visual web parts, workflow, content types, field types, site pages, application pages, master pages and more.

In addition, developing a program that embodies the best practices of the industry as well as building an up-gradable one is  important. A SharePoint consultant can spot these things through a thorough study. Examples of little SharePoint solutions a consultant can pinpoint are as follows:

•Changing of the SharePoint Root out of the box is a no no.

• Use a Virtual machine when building a SharePoint development environment.

• Name solutions and describe them properly.

• Make URLs relative to the different environments.

What Should Your SharePoint Consultant Embody?

1. Your SharePoint consultant should be able to customize projects and make SharePoint work based on your business needs.

2. Your SharePoint consultant should have vast experience in the field. Knowledge of SharePoint basic up to the latest SharePoint 2013 would be a great too.

3. Your SharePoint consultant should be able to provide creative designs. These cutting edge designs will draw in customers.

4. Your SharePoint consultant should be expert in branding, workflow, document and content management, BI and use of .NET.

5. Your SharePoint consultant should be efficient. IF you have a Your SharePoint consultant company, they should also offer staff training for you so that efficiency and time management can be implemented.

Hand-Picked Best Practices for SharePoint Developers and Consultants

1. Use properties. Feature. Parent to access current instance of SPWeb or SPSite object.

2. Install SharePoint Manager from the codeplex.

3. Use field controls on the WCM sites instead of web parts because you won’t have page history with web parts.

4. Understand the integration and migration of SharePoint to other information systems if needed. SharePoint has the 2013 version already.

5. Centralize the storage systems of documents.

6. Convert manual processes into automated workflow.

7. Consultants should train Developers to use SharePoint + TFS

8. Organize a company’s data for a more comprehensible

9. Identify the best and the killer application that will give your company the most benefit.

10. Ensure fundability of information.

Gia Hayes is a comic strip artist and a copywriter. He works as an assistant editor in a newspaper and contributes to online news sites. He does reviews from anything medical to technology such as sharepoint development and the likes.

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  1. Prakash

    Nice post on share point. Thanks for sharing it.

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    Hey Gia,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these important tips on share point. I really like all the tips you mentioned above and surely gonna applied it.

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  3. Some Information really good for SharePoint freshers because Its not too easy to understand.SharePoint Consultant should be ready to know the drawback and advantages.

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  4. PhillipBowen says:

    Nice blog Share point consultants give a important and best practice to students and all developer. Now user can create frame work and custom solution for a development and consultants. Your Share Point Consultant Embody points are very useful to all employe and developer.

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    SharePoint consultants additional help designing a answer or solutions, understand solution platform.

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  7. This cms has allowed SharePoint professionals, allowing them to manage, plan, share and post website material.

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  8. Alvin Riddle says:

    SharePoint consultant should be able to customize projects and make SharePoint work based on your business needs.

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