Programs That Slow Down Your Computer

These days, we use and store a variety of programs on our computers. We have a multitude of programs for everything from analyzing our financial data to storing important documents. However, the more programs you have, the slower your computer will become, especially if you have programs that take up a lot of hard drive space. Your computer may also perform poorly if you use many programs at once.

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Antivirus software programs can create the largest effect on the speed of your computer. No one would suggest that you should delete your antivirus program or go without one. However, it is usually not necessary to utilize two to three antivirus programs. One powerful and frequently updated program is enough to keep out most viruses and worms, and it will not create as significant of a drag on your computer.

Other utilities that can slow down your computer are extra fonts that are installed on your computer. While many graphic designers, technical writers, and artists use a variety of fonts, it is not a good idea to keep ones that you are no longer using regularly installed on your computer because of their potential to slow down your system.

Chat programs are other programs that can have a serious effect on the speed of your computer. Chat and online video chat programs also tend to be updated frequently, which can add to their bugs and quirks. If you use a particular chat program regularly, it may be worth it for you to keep your favorite program. However, if you use the program infrequently, it may be worthwhile to delete it.

It is a good idea to get rid of any programs that you do not use regularly. The fewer programs you store on your computer, the faster and more efficiently your computer will run. It is also a good idea to avoid using too many programs at one time. Multiple open programs create a drag on your system’s memory, causing it to freeze or even shut down while you are working. Only open the programs that are necessary and keep the others inactive to maximize your computer’s speed.

James Carroll is experienced in computer repair and help individuals improve the performance of their computers using simple tips and tricks. He also writer about various computer accessories, including CDs, DVDs, Blu ray media and more.

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4 Responses to "Programs That Slow Down Your Computer"

  1. Evan says:

    Thanks for the post! You know, when you have an old computer/laptop the main rule is not to show it that you are in hurry))) LOL. Otherwise you’ll stick there forever!

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  2. Wisdom says:

    Thanks for the post. I find my computers tend to slow down over the years with all the software and just tend to format windows and start fresh everynow and then.

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  3. Jeff

    I think it’s just normal for your computer to slow down as time pass by. Your PC will accumulate files and some of them unwanted, your hard drive’s performance may also decrease over a period of time. And even though you uninstall all those unnecessary program your PC is stil slow. Best reformat it and install a fresh copy of your OS.
    Always do monthly or scheduled maintenance to keep your system fast and clean.

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  4. Josh says:

    What I do is that I clear my memory with the use of CClearner and their my computer is fix and back on working fast. I think the cache and history also affects the performance of our computers.

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