How To Recover Deleted Messages In Exchange/Outlook

The many attributes exhibited by the Exchange-Outlook environment makes it one of the most demanded email platforms ever developed. The EDB file can make the entire process of Exchange email communication streamlined and when it gets corrupted or damaged, moves it to the sleep zone as an Exchange offline database. When this situation occur accidentally  the user needs a solution that can help in the Exchange  recovery. In particular, one of the better ways of saving data from the Exchange offline mode and also recovering Exchange deleted messages is to convert offline EDB to PST. This article would therefore take a look at how a third party EDB to PST converter overpowers all other default solutions such as ESEUTIL /P & ISINTEG commands.

Among the many file formats that are familiar to the Exchange users, the name EDB is the most used one. The EDB, otherwise known as Exchange database can be the only source where users can find the emails, drafts, appointment schedule, journals, to-do list, and calendars created while working within the Exchange-Outlook platform. All these data are available in the EDB mailbox and can be used under a user-account created in Exchange. On the other hand, PST files match the Outlook architecture and provide easy access to data hence the suggestion to extract offline EDB to PST rather than trying the default methods of data recovery and repair in Exchange platform.

Common Reasons for EDB Mailbox Corruption

There are many reasons why the EDB mailbox may be corrupted as shown below:

  • Improper system downtime and malfunctioning of the methods of database retrieval.
  • Accidental quarantine 0f EDB log files by faulty Anti-Virus programs.
  • Non-responsive information store as a result of issues with installed backup software.
  • File size issues with the Exchange EDB store (e.g. information store exceeding 16GB).
  • Any kind of hardware or software issues that may lead to EDB data corruption.

The above are some of the most common reasons behind EDB file corruption. However, there can be additional reasons which may be broadly categorized as physical and logical reasons.

Error Messages that Say EDB is Corrupted and need to go for Exchange Recovery

Exchange recovery could be a last resort in dealing with EDB file corruption when error messages are shown. Examples of some of the most commonly displayed errors when an EDB file is corrupted prior to restoring the database, performing an Exchange recovery or performing an offline EDB to PST conversion are as follows:

  • Exchange error with number strings like 5.7.1, 4.4.7, 550, 12014, 3005, 400 4.4.7.
  • #5.5.0 smtp;554 Transaction Failed Spam Message not queued.
  • Exchange ActiveSync errors, HTTP_500 and SMTP problem, SSL Event ID errors 3029, 3030 and 3031.
  • 0x80830003 synchronization failure…….. and many more.

Now, How to Recover Deleted Exchange  Messages!

Exchange recovery process becomes mandatory when there are many error messages and corruption issues. In such cases, the need for data recovery can be satisfied using default Exchange utilities like ESEUTIL /P & ISINTEG etc. However, the default utilities prove to be helpful only in cases of mild corruptions, data damage and data deletion issues. This implies that in cases where there is a need to recover deleted Exchange messages these utilities can fail and will not satisfy user-need as a result.

Alternatively, to get the entire Exchange recovery process done a user can restore or move offline EDB to PST using  third-party software such as Exchange Recovery. Irrespective of the corruption issues that may have occured or the threat of data loss third-party tools such as Exchange Recovery can work to move EDB to PST successfully thereby helping to recover deleted Exchange messages. Thus, emails, contacts, calendar, journals or any other data such as EDB, Pub1.edb, Priv1.edb and all custom and default folders in the mailbox can be recovered.

Jay Shawn is a blogger as well as Tech- geek who writes informative articles for the users who deal with technical environments like Exchange- Outlook, Domino- Lotus Notes, and Apple- Mac etc. One of her writing regarding the topic how to recover Exchange deleted messages is meant to help user select the best solution to recover Exchange EDB file from corruption/deletion or damaged situation via Exchange Recovery application.

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5 Responses to "How To Recover Deleted Messages In Exchange/Outlook"

  1. marshal says:


    Thanks for providing tips to recover deleted email message using ESEUTIL /P & ISINTEG commands.It works if you have some minor loss from your exchange edb file but if you have lost lot of email messages, attachments and much more then you need stellar phoenix exchange server recovery software, which make possible to recover lost emails from exchange server.

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  2. Bert Leen says:

    You get the entire Exchange recovery process done a user can restore or move offline EDB to PST using third-party software such as Kernel for exchange server recovery software to recover and convert your files from EDB to PST Outlook format & draw out all user mail boxes & their messages from infected Exchange Server source (.edb) data files into a new Exchange Server (.pst) data files.

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  3. Adom Watson says:

    An exchange experts suggested me to opt this excellent edb to pst converter tool. It worked well in all situations (pcvita.com/edb-converter.html)

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  4. jonejone69 says:

    Exchange Database is an outstanding and professional backup restoration and disaster recovery third-party tool for MS Exchange Server that allows user to repair, browse, search, and restore from corrupt or damaged MS Exchange Server database EDB files and allows working with PSTs, OSTs, and Live Exchange Servers. The software offers a platform for centralized Exchange access and management by facilitating a number of beneficial features that allows user to repair, search, export, recover and restore emails from archives and Live Exchange mailboxes. For more information http://exchangedatabase-recovery.blogspot.in

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  5. RichardJenson says:

    Hi,For recovering of the deleted messages present in your Exchange/Outlook I can recommend you a tool named Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager which has the ability to recover these items from temporary as well as permanent deletion. The tool can also do the repair of the corrupt EDB and OST’s from time to time.

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