Benefits Of Mobile Apps In Enterprises

In the initial phase most companies resisted their employees using mobile devices at work, but now it seems things are different. The companies have now accepted the unavoidable. A recent Cisco survey among 600 business leaders in US showed that 95% of the people who took survey were allowed to carry their own devices in the workplace. Many of the companies have also started allowing their employees to access company’s email and calendar from their own mobile devices.

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While this might be seen as a small initiative which can save time and money, there is still a question of how enterprises can actually make the most of these recent developments particularly now that mobile phones and tablets are an integral part of the lives of most individuals. A study on Intel showed 640,000 emails sent from employees own device created an average of 51 minutes of employee productivity a day thereby suggesting that enhancement of enterprise operations by mobile technology is now gaining momentum. A mobile solution for an enterprise can not only contribute in reducing paper work but also help employees conduct their business on the go. In many ways, mobile apps for enterprise usage can be quite significant.

Efficiency and Productivity:

Companies are always trying to find means of increasing efficiency and productivity of employees at every operation. Effective mobile solutions can enhance workforce in an increasingly efficient organization. Employees receiving effective and productive ‘tools’ while traveling or working remotely can create a work flow that will reduce wasted time and save money. This is a win-win situation for both employees and organization.

Consumer, Employee Satisfaction:

The ever increasing consumer-facing apps have created an information gap between consumers and employees. Making employee-facing apps that can provide real-time access to information like inventory, shipping status etc. can close the gap for more satisfying customer interaction.

Increase Revenue:

Increase in productivity and less paper work can easily add to and increase revenue which will eventually increase profit. The initial investment might be a little too much, but enterprises should look at it as a long time investment to reap in the ‘profits’ of enterprise mobility. Enterprise mobile apps can always increase the speed of work that will eventually have a positive impact on employees and free them from the tethers of desks and paper.

Soumen works for [x]cube LABS, an enterprise mobile solutions and service provider. For more info visit http://www.xcubelabs.com or follow [x]cube in Twitter @xcubelabs

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    The demand of mobile apps are increasing day to day, everyone should want to use the mobile apps effectively because everyone have their own smartphones. Yes now the smart phone trend everyone should must depends upon the apps, because smart phones can works only with soft applications…

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