3 Innovations By Mobile App Giants

Mobile apps are gradually re-inventing the way we think, share and connect in a mobile world. According to a recent report by ComScore, 4 out of 5 consumers uses a smart-phone to shop. Hence, it is needless to say that mobile apps create more engaging, rewarding and consistent experiences for its users. In addition, brands too get a boost in terms of brand promotion and awareness.

Let’s take a look at top 3 innovations in mobile app by the giants:


Twitter will bombard its users with increased old tweets in their searches. The process will be more active for users logged in via their mobile devices. Twitter is set to offer suggestions and topic based on user queries. Twitter has cut down on some unwanted videos to better optimize its services for its followers. Twitter will keep some tweaks on the site even when you are accessing a link on the page. You can tap the tweet to vanish away that makes for quite an interesting feature. Twitter has launched a host of new updates for iOS and Android apps and is eyeing to run the passive users to tweet more and link more. Given the fact that Twitter is a real-time foundation the above updates are a brave step in the direction of innovation.


Wedding & Portrait Photographers International has announced its new mobile app for the 2013 Conference + Expo. The mobile app is a all-inclusive guide about the event for the attendees. It will showcase a list of 160+ conference seminars, with details about speakers and related descriptions. Along with conference details such as floor map, product details with categories, and much more. The app is beautifully integrated with Facebook and has help information in case of any confusion. Moreover, WPPI related apps on iOS and Android promise to offer a custom experience to attendees by letting them take notes, create a list of their preferred contacts, schedule their arrival and much more.


University of Notre Dame have announced the release of 2 Fighting Irish football mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android.  The Notre Dame Football PanoView Tour app will provide a visual tour of the Irish football program. It will display various areas of the football facility such as the weight room, locker room, and a full panoramic view of the stadium. View and experience the thrill of being with the head-coach Brain Kelly in his quest to prepare the champions. You get a wealth of data about the stadiums past achievements and present strides to be undertaken.

To sum it up

As per a recent report by Flurry, time spent with mobile apps has started to challenge television, where it is observed that customers are spending 127 minutes per day in mobile apps – up 35%  from 94 minutes per day at the same time last year, and spend 168 minutes watching television per day. The figures clearly state the importance of mobile apps for brands and their end users.

Albert Vang works for PLAVEB, a Mobile Website Design & Development Company located in Los Angeles. He also enjoys reading journals and love to write something really interesting in Mobile Apps Development update.

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3 Responses to "3 Innovations By Mobile App Giants"

  1. Deb Bennett says:

    I like the features on the WPPI App, I kinda wish it were available as a customizable app for all kinds of networking events/conventions, it could be useful. I’m kind of skeptical about ND’s football tour app, though. It seems like one of these one-time use things, like you would download it, look at a couple of the features, and uninstall it the next day. Seems like you could accomplish the same thing with a good YouTube vid or an interactive website if it wasn’t too hard on the bandwidth.

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    • Albert Vang from PLAVEB

      Yes, Deb. Although the WPPI has a lot of features, customzing and extending it to all sorts of ither events would make it a lot more valuable.

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  2. Astoria says:

    At present this is the era of mobile apps and the observation graph definitely shows that popularity of mobile apps. These apps will become a small part of our daily life.

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