WordPress Launches A Vertical For Portfolio Websites

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the best free open source Content Management System (CMS) that is based on MySQL and the PHP platform. This tool comes with features like plug-ins and template system. In terms of user-friendliness, WordPress is regarded as one of the best platforms to develop and launch a blog or a website.

Why is WordPress popularly used?

One of the reasons why WordPress is being popularly used by many people across the world is because it provides users with a hassle-free way of developing and launching their blog or website. Depending on the nature and focus of the website or blog a user can choose a theme, widget, plug-in and module that WordPress offers.

WordPress makes tweaks to meet demand of its users

Not carried away by the popularity this platform has managed to achieve among its active users the developers of WordPress have time and again successfully introduced tweaks to this CMS. Such changes have been incorporated keeping in mind the expectation of end users. This is one of the reasons why WordPress has successfully achieved a user base of gargantuan proportions across the web world.

What is a vertical for portfolio websites?

In the Internet language a vertical portal is also referred to as a vortal. This is a website or a web portal that deals with an industry or a field in particular. A vertical industry is the one that focuses on an industry like the health, insurance, manufacturing or automobile industry. Vortals are niche websites that also serve as entry points to a particular market or industry.

WordPress launches a vertical for portfolio websites

The news of WordPress launching a vertical for portfolio websites has now been made official. Last year the company successfully introduced verticals for wedding sites, brand pages, cities and restaurants. They were well received by users. Photographers, illustrators, printers and designers can benefit from the recent vertical for portfolio websites that the company is all set to roll out. WordPress users can now choose from more than 30 different portfolio themes for their website.

A majority of WordPress portfolios for your website allows you to

  • Personalize your websites or blogs theme
  • Customize every page of your website or blog
  • Upload images without distortion
  • Add moving images from external sources like YouTube among other sources
  • Create multiple portfolio websites using just one login account
  • Incorporate a group portfolio by inviting fellow WordPress members to contribute towards building your WordPress portfolio website
  • Ability to protect your portfolio website by adding a password to any page

Apart from the ones that have been listed, WordPress vertical for portfolio websites allows you to take advantage of the various social media integration tools to give your website visibility in the various forms of social media. As a WordPress user you can showcase your creativity by adding a vertical to your portfolio websites.

Rob Mckenzie

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    That’s very useful info for all who run their blogs on WordPress (about 70% of all bloggers have WordPress)))! Thanks for the info!

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    Never heard about vertical, earlier before reading this post, that was really helpful!

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