iPhone’s Biggest Rivals In 2013

Yes, Apple has been on the lead for a few years now, but its competitors are slowly making a point by introducing new products that rival the iPhone. So far, Apple products like iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and the highly anticipated iPhone 5 have enjoyed immense customer support and sales. But can Apple relax and gloat because of this historic recognition? Here are the competitors of the iPhone in 2013 and what they got.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samsung has been staking it out with Apple last year so it has every reason to strive. Enter the Samsung Galaxy SIII which is unexpectedly still on demand despite its release a few months back. Let’s see why.

What it’s got:

Samsung is leading the race in terms of its software features that are considered revolutionary. These include Smart Stay, Direct Call, S Beam, S Voice, and Enterprise Mobility.

The Galaxy SIII’s screen is larger than the iPhone’s with a diagonal measurement of 4.8 inches.

Where it is challenged:

While the Galaxy SIII is larger than the iPhone, it is heavier.

The Galaxy SIII hardware is made up of plastic – something that consumers might not expect from such a phone of top caliber.

The iPhone still leads in terms of screen density although its screen area is smaller.

Nokia Lumia 920

Just when the telecommunications saw Nokie struggle with its smartphone products, it suddenly bounced back to consumer attention with the release of the Lumia 920 in New York. To date, it is holding the strongest competition albeit the release of iPhone 5 seemingly cementing Apple’s lead.

What it’s got:

The Lumia 920 model is the first product to use PureView and PureMotion HD+ technologies. This means image and video display qualities that match the performance of an SLR camera.

It’s a lot bigger in terms of its screen display at 4.5 inches.

Its boasts of the highest resolution among smarthphone screen displays with a density of 332ppi pixels and a resolution of 768×1280 pixels.

It has a standby time of 400 hours.

Where it is challenged:

The Lumia 920 model is heavier than the iPhone at 185 grams. The iPhone weighs 112 grams.

In terms of software, the iOS6 still proves more popular than Windows Phone 8.


Despite the issues involving market share and financial woes, Motorola is still a recognized name in terms of smartphones. Having a few “firsts” in mobile phone technology to its credit, Motorola launched its most competitive smartphone to date in September 2012: the DROID RAZR MAXX.

What it’s got:

A larger screen display than that of iPhone at 4.7 inches with a scratch-resistant glass.

A better resolution than the iPhone at 720×1280 pixels.

A longer standby time of 15.5 days.

It offers an expandable memory which can be up to 32GB – an extension to the already bigger internal memory of 26GB compared to iPhone’s 16GB.

Where it is challenged:

The product, although competitive enough, needs a wider consumer base in order to boost its sales.

LG Optimus 4X HD

An unlikely competitor, LG has joined the fray when it launched its 4X HD flagship in its North American Market.

What it’s got:

The Optimus 4X HD shares a lot of common features with the iPhone except that its screen is larger with a measurement of 1.7 inches. It also has a more defined rectangular shape.

The Optimus 4X HD is a lot cheaper than the iPhone.

Where it is challenged:

It is only available in the 16GB variant.

Jim Burke works as a Marketing Executive for one of the leading telecommunication stores in Philadelphia. He uses his free time to write reviews about the developments in telecommunications for www.shoppingpreview.com , especially on mobile phones.

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3 Responses to "iPhone’s Biggest Rivals In 2013"

  1. myles

    Really ANdroid industry is giving a tough fight , to iPhone. Well , Droid Razr series is my best.! They actually rock \m/

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  2. Pete says:

    One of the biggest would be the HTC One with the new camera technology and a stunning pixel density.

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  3. Tayo says:

    i think this is normal iphone is the best in this season.

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